Ohio River Valley Northeast Segment


About the Master Plan

The Louisville Loop is a planned 100-mile shared-use path corridor planned to circle the city of Louisville and connect its many neighborhoods, communities, historic, and cultural sites. To date, portions have been built along the Riverwalk, on the levee in southwest Louisville, Floyds Fork and portions across southern Louisville. Planning has been completed on all segments of the Loop except the stretch that will connect Prospect back to the Big Four Bridge in downtown. Several past studies have identified potential routes through this portion of the city, but currently there is no master plan for this portion of the Loop. Working with residents and community stakeholders, this study will identify and plan the most appropriate route through this portion of the city.Final Key Map
The Study Area

The study area for this project includes the areas bordered by the Ohio River on the north, Prospect to the east, Brownsboro Road on the south, and the Big Four Bridge to the west (in downtown).  You can click on the map below to view it at a larger scale.

Study Area.indd



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